iPhone 7 release date details vs PRO and iPhone 6s

A device by the name of iPhone 7 Pro seems to have appeared once again, this one (alternately called iPhone 7 Plus) being the strangest version we've yet seen. This version of the iPhone 7 Plus looks to be coming with a metallic blue sort of tone to it – not particularly black, but not really blue like a Pepsi can, either. It's like Apple describing their pink phone as "Rose Gold" – not quite, but similar.

This version of the iPhone 7 Pro – or Plus, whatever you want to call it – has a camera bump that's higher than the iPhone 6S Plus. To mask the height of this camera, Apple's created a sort of quarter-pipe edge around the entire array. Next to this is the single back-facing mic hole and a single camera flash LED.

The back of this iPhone 7 Plus model shows three pip-like connectors near the bottom of its back. If these are anything like what we've seen with the iPad Pro, some exciting new accessories will be coming our way very soon.

For more information on this iPhone 7 Pro feature, have a peek at our run-down: Apple's road to iPhone 7 Pro.

The back of this new iPhone 7 Plus model also has adjusted lines. Where before the lines that surrounded the top and bottom back of the device were splitting up the back facade of the structure of the phone, Apple seems to be returning to a more singular totem – not unlike the iPhone 4.

This iPhone 7 Plus is compared in the video above by Unbox Therapy to an iPhone 6S Plus in several ways. The image you see above shows how exceedingly similar the two are in size – though the new 7 Plus is a TINY bit thinner. Or this model is, at least.

Have a peek at the timeline below to learn more about this device, and prepare yourself for what's rumored to be a an early September reveal date. Apple could be holding their event for this device (and others) the same week as LG is for the LG V20 – we shall see!