iPhone 7 details "confirmed" by cases

Apple's next smartphone, the iPhone 7 (as it's likely called) has begun to leak. As a result, a completely predictable set of events is taking place in accessory-making circles around the world. Case-makers are attempting once again to make names for themselves – or at least garner some hype – by showing off phone cases and skins they've made for a device that's not yet been revealed to the public: the iPhone 7. And the iPhone 7 Plus, or iPhone 7 Pro, if you'd like to call it that.

Cases from places like Alibaba (retailers through Alibaba, that is) and MobileFun have begun to push the living daylights out of iPhone 7 cases. VIA PhoneArena we've got the Olixar cases you'll see here first. Flat. They're all flat.

Why are they all flat? You might be asking that question if you've never seen cases that come out months before the phones they fit.

Images used by these case creators don't always conform with Apple's final renderings of the iPhone that are about to be revealed. In fact, in most cases, they use renderings made by amateur illustrators.

In this case, the illustrator has taken liberties with not only the backside of the device with the camera arrangement, but with the software up front, as well. Notice the reds in the unlock screen – fancy!

Olixar also has both of the 2x lenses for the iPhone 7 Pro in the same pill-shaped form. This conforms with previous leaks and tips we've seen. These images do not confirm anything though, of course, as they're almost certainly going off the same batches of info we are.

The next image you'll see comes from Blue Whale.

Blue Whale has what's almost certainly just another iPhone 6s, but call it an iPhone 7. This could mean the iPhone 7 will conform to the same design patterns as the 6s – or it could mean that they're just BS-ing us all.

The image you'll see below is clipped from an auction listing by the folks at Guangzhou Hongwang Plastic Products Factory. The name just rolls of your tongue, doesn't it?

There again you'll see the Smart Connectors as we see above but – in this case – they've given VERY little room for the connectors to work with any sort of accessories they'd need to connect.

Dear accessory makers: those smart connectors aren't going to be connecting to plugs, like headphones.

They're going to work like the iPad Pro – if they're implemented at all. As such, if you're going to make a case for the phone, you may as well just cover them up if you're not going to connect to them.

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