iPhone 6 detailed in dummy photos

It would appear that the iPhone 6 has a dummy model out in the wild – at least one – bringing on details that could very well be near-final for this next-generation smartphone. Coming from notorious dummy-finder Sonny Dickson, these images suggest that the iPhone 6 – at least one iteration of it – will come with a slightly curved display.

This device seems to have a rather brightly colored ring around its home button – likely due to this device being the amalgamation of several different colors of iPhone 6 slogged together. Based on previous leaks from this same source, this is far from out of the question.

This iPhone 6 dummy has a lightning port at the bottom, microphone hole near its headphone port – also at the bottom of the phone. This device has a power button on its right side, likely volume buttons at the other, and a SIM card slot on the right as well.

On the back you'll find a single-LED flash rather than a dual-LED flash, suggesting this device may not be the higher-end of the iPhone 6 range. The iPhone 5s worked with a dual-LED flash while the iPhone 5c worked with a single-LED flash – it'd be strange for Apple to return to a single-LED flash for their higher-end this time around.

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VIA: Sonny Dickson