iPhone 5s and 5c US regional carrier release details emerge

C Spire Wireless confirmed the upcoming release of the iPhone 5s and 5c earlier in the week and it looks like they will end up being part of a larger release date. In fact, it looks like C Spire will be releasing the new iPhone models alongside eight other US regional carriers. There are also several others promising the iPhone soon, but for now the October 1st release date has only been confirmed by these nine.

That being said, the nine carriers with a confirmed October 1st launch date include Appalachian Wireless, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellcom, GCI, MTA, Nex-Tech Wireless, Ntelos and Strata. Of course, the previously mentioned C Spire Wireless is also included in that group. Notably missing from the list is US Cellular, though, back in May the carrier did confirm the iPhone was coming later in the year.

This could be a case of US Cellular not having an announcement ready just yet. But in the meantime, that October 1st availability date has been confirmed only by those nine carriers listed above. Otherwise, aside from the release date, we have yet to see specifics for these carrier launches. The pricing is known, however we have yet to see details in terms of colors and storage options.

As for Apple, this just looks like it will be a chance for them to further build upon that record-setting opening weekend of sales. Apple announced earlier in the week they had sold 9 million iPhones. That total included both the 5s and 5c and Apple has yet to offer any breakdown between the two.

In addition to record sales for the new iPhones, Apple also saw quick adoption for iOS 7. In fact, is was said that more than 200 million iOS devices were updated that weekend. Anyway, those looking for more about the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c or iOS 7 should make sure to check out the reviews we did for each.

VIA: MacRumors