C Spire Wireless confirms iPhone 5s and 5c release

We are coming out of the launch weekend for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and while Apple has already come forward with sales numbers, it looks like that may have just been the initial launch. This launch included the big four carriers in the US market and moving forward the regional carriers are going to get in on the action. In fact, C Spire Wireless has announced they will have the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c available on October 1st.

That means C Spire will be launching the iPhone a week from tomorrow. But while the carrier has confirmed the upcoming release, they have yet to say anything in terms of pricing. What has been revealed up until this point includes little more than how C Spire "will offer iPhone 5s, the most forward-thinking smartphone in the world, and iPhone 5c, the most colorful iPhone yet, to customers beginning on Tuesday, October 1."

Looking back to previous history with C Spire and the iPhone and one could expect to see the handset drop at the regular price — iPhone 5c at $99.99 and the 5s beginning at $199.99. At present C Spire has the iPhone 5 listed at $149.99, the 16GB iPhone 4S selling for $49.99 and the 8GB iPhone for free. Of course, those prices all assume a two-year agreement.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has the "demand for the new iPhones has been incredible" and as a result, they have sold out of the initial supply of the iPhone 5s. As for those sales figures, those come in at nine million, though, that is between both models. Apple has yet to offer any breakdown between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. There was also some talk of iOS.

It looks like more than 200 million iOS devices are now running iOS 7 which according to Apple, makes this the fast software upgrade ever. Current iPhone and iOS numbers aide, C Spire will have the iPhone 5s and 5c available shortly and those considering a purchase may benefit from our earlier published reviews for the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c and iOS 7.