iPhone 5c raring to go as Apple, carriers start taking pre-orders

Even with quite a number of criticisms and detractors, there are still those who can't wait to get their hands on Apple's new smartphones. That wait is almost done for some as Apple and major US carriers start opening their doors to pre-orders for the colorful iPhone 5c.

It's hard not to get swept up by all the energy and excitement surrounding Apple's latest products. Though there are those who will be quick to point out the faults and imperfections in the company's less expensive offering, it will come as no surprise if the multi-colored smartphone sells just as well as any of its predecessors. You can read our take on the iPhone 5c in our hands-on piece here.

Apple is now taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5c for all five color options. Prices start from $99 for the 16 GB model and $199 for the 32 GB one, on contract. An unlocked, contract-free and SIM-free model for T-Mobile is also being offered for $549 and $649 for the 16 and 32 GB models, respectively. Apple notes that the phones will be delivered on September 20.

Major US carriers also also opening their doors for eager buyers. Aside from the same contract-locked $99/$199 pricing scheme, AT&T is also offering the iPhone 5c on it's AT&T Next program for $22 per month for 20 months for the 16 GB unit, and $27 for the 32 GB. Verizon Wireless has a slightly similar offering on its Verizon Edge, with $23.06 and $27.15 respectively. T-Mobile, on the other hand, is selling the iPhone 5c without subsidy at $22 for two years, with $0 upfront payment for for the $16 GB unit and $99 for the 32 GB.

As earlier reported, China will also be starting their pre-orders today, as well as other countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the UK. Those who are pining for the higher-end iPhone 5S, however, will have to wait longer until the device becomes available on September 20.