iPhone 5 Will Stick with 3.5-inch Display [Logically]

Let's begin this short journey into the Apple mind with a so-called "leaked" image of what they're calling an iPhone 5 screen photo. What this photo shows is basically black ink printed on transparency paper. Out on the streets they're saying this is a 4-inch screen that Apple will be using for their next iPhone model. No way. Why? Well before we go into any further proofs, take a look at the top of the phone (on the left.) It's printed completely uneven – just about as uneven as the notion that iOS will ever be working on a 4-inch screen.

Although we've printed a post by the title Rumor: Apple to give next iPhone a 4-inch screen, previously, we've also noted that instead of this, what's looking to be much more likely is an oversized iPod Touch. But does this make sense? One of the reasons a new in-between device (between the iPad and the iPhone) just doesn't seem to add up is the fact that so very many apps have been made optimized for one screen or the other, not a mid-sized display.

What does seem to make more sense than bumping up the screen size by a basically insignificant amount is an upgrade of the guts. More than likely we're very soon going to see something like a dual-core iPad, why not a dual-core iPhone 5? Furthermore, a larger screen on the iPhone would inevitably increase the price, and since Apple is facing a barrage of Android and slightly smaller names in smartphones these days, a higher priced product is the last thing they need.

But wait, what about the iPhone Nano? Stack your chips and hope for a great win in conceptual industrial design because students and freelancers have amazing skills in 3D rendering these days. The likelihood of a smaller iPhone coming out, especially since this tried and true model is still doing so astronomically good, are near zilch.

Have any other rumors or leaks to add to one argument or the other? Post them below!