iPhone 5 video with Jony Ive describes next-level precision

The official "wow this is fantastic" designer-described iPhone 5 video has made its official debut and, with Jony Ive and Bob Mansfield as narrators, you'll see clearly why Apple feels that this is the most fabulous smartphone they've yet produced. This video begins with Ive describing how important it is for them, at this point, to create an iPhone that's not just a new phone, but "a much better phone" as he puts it. Have a peek at this device as Apple intends you to – with bright lights and perfect detail spinning in space and straight off the factory floor.

This introduction to the iPhone 5 has just about as much "oh my goodness that's beautiful" to it as you could possibly want, made perfect for those that are already pumped up about the device as well as those looking for their first vision of the phone. Bob Masfield describes how the task of making the entire device thinner – one of their primary goals – meant that they had to work with every component and fine tune at an extremely fine degree to make it all work. Have a peek at this video and make sure you've got a tissue, you're about to weep from all of the "this is the greatest thing ever" type talk!

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This video also shows how the device works with 4G LTE connectivity and how the architecture in this device combines two radios into one – that's Qualcomm's radio, incase you were wondering – for world phone LTE. Voice and data technology are included on the same chip for connectivity, then you've got the A6 chip for processing – this chip offers up what Apple notes is up to 2x the processing power in both CPU and GPU compared to the A5 chip.

This video also shows the Sapphire Crystal lens that's thin as can be sitting on top of the 8 megapixel camera on the back of this device. Scott Forstall also appears here to show off the new Maps application as well as benefits of the screen size. And that's not all!

Have a peek at our iPhone 5 event wrap-up post for all the updates as they occurred today at the event and don't for a second forget to check our hands-on with iPhone 5 post for the up-close and personal photos and video you're going to love. Our Apple portal is exploding at the moment with new content – stick around for more!