iPhone 5 to get 8MP camera from two suppliers

Although no official details have been revealed on the iPhone 5, the abundance of rumors and assumptions made on the logical progression of the next-gen iPhone make it fairly certain that the device will be sporting an upgraded 8-megapixel camera. A new report today from Taiwan Economic News further confirms this, claiming that two manufacturers have been contracted to supply the 8-megapixel optics for the iPhone 5.

The two companies named are the Taiwanese-based manufacturers Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical. Both companies were previously responsible for supplying the 5-megapixel lens modules found in the iPhone 4. Securing the iPhone 5 contract is said to be a huge boost for the two companies and sets the pace for Taiwanese optical makers to dominate this market, thanks largely to the popularity of Apple's iPhones.

Last year, Apple sold about 47 million iPhones, which had optics supplied by Largan and Genius. This year iPhone sales have capped at 55 million units in the first seven months and is expected to exceed an estimated 100 million units in 2011 while iPad sales are expected to exceed 30 million units. Along with more camera modules being used in all smartphones, Taiwan's optical lens industry is expected to command a 40 percent global share this year.

As for the iPhone 5, there have been some interesting developments lately with the missing iPhone 5 prototype scandal, involving Apple employees and the SFPD searching the home of someone suspected to have picked up an iPhone 5 prototype left at a bar. Additionally, it's been announced today that Deutsche Telekom AG, or T-Mobile here in the states, has begun taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5. The device is now expected to launch sometime in late October along with iOS 5 and the iCloud.