T-Mobile to start taking reservations for iPhone 5 today

Apple still hasn't even officially announced the iPhone 5 yet and all we have as far as specs and launch dates for the device are rumors that are unsubstantiated. You might think that carriers would be holding off on offering the iPhone 5 or whatever the next generation iPhone will be called for pre-order, but you would be wrong. The oddest part is that they don't even know how much the smartphone will cost. Generally, the base offerings on the iPhone are always $199 so that would be a safe bet this time out.

Bloomberg reports that Deutsche Telekom AG, which is the parent company for all T-Mobile branches around the world, is taking the pre-orders. By calling out DT rather than T-Mobile UK it would seem that the smartphones will be up for pre-order at all T-Mobile branches. The tip reportedly came by way of DT's Alexander von Schmettow.

Apparently, those that pre-order will be given coupons without providing a name or release details for the smartphone. I wonder if other carries will follow suit and offer the device on pre-order early. Rumors still point to an October launch for the iPhone 4. Would you pre-order a smartphone before you know the name or specs?

[via Bloomberg]