iPhone 5 set to bounce

Back in 2010, Apple attained the IP rights to a technology which it may very well be using in a unibody design for its next generation iPhone 5. This new smartphone, code-named iPhone 5 for now due to legacy naming conventions and the fact that no Apple product is really real until they themselves announce it, has been tipped by several sources this week as having parts made with Liquidmetal technology. What could this mean for the iPhone 5 and its ability to take on the rest of the high-end smartphone world this year?

One of the biggest possibilities is that Apple will expand the number of parts that the iPhone uses currently made with Liquidmetal tech – that's right, Apple already has a metal bit made with the technology right now. Both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S use a SIM card ejector tool made with Liquidmetal technology. The iPhone 5 may well be taking what might have simply been an experimental usage here and expanding it across the body of the device. Have a peek at a demonstration of the abilities of Liquidmetal technology here:

What you're seeing (and hearing) is a powerful representation of what the technology can do for the iPhone 5. This next model smartphone probably wont have a full body made with as 100% wild an amount of Liquidmetal tech across it like the metal ball above has – that would have the phone jumping like a rabbit. Instead what we're much more likely about to see is a phone whose ability to resist damage is unmatched.

Have a peek at the timeline below to gain more insight on the iPhone 5 and what it'll end up looking, feeling, and acting like closer to the tail end of 2012 when it's revealed.