iPhone 5 iDSLR prank revealed

If you ever wondered if your iPhone photos could possibly get more professional looking and perfect, here's your answer: the iPhone 5 iDSLR. It's the newest fake item to come out of the internet-based ranks of awesomely impossible devices branded with nothing less than a gigantic Apple logo over the lens and completely the wrong font used for the word "Apple" on the front of the flash area. Will this be your window into the new high-class Hipstamatic-laden iPhone photo future? I think so.

What you'll find here is "Senior Vice President of Design" mister Jony Ive speaking about the ideal nature of this device, one where you can not only use the camera to take the best photos ever, you can use the iPhone on the back to make calls and work with apps. That's right, there's an iPhone on the back that does not detach. This completely fake product takes absurdity to the next level by saying they've got an iPhone literally fused to a DSLR and that this is the way of the future.

"What's great is that you can take your 21 megapixel photos of you, your friends, of your duck face, or whatever you're eating, edit it in Instagram or Hipstamatic, upload it, and then share it with your friends and family."

Clearly this is exactly what will be coming out later this week, "Let's Talk iPhone" leading us directly into the understanding that there's going to be a gigantic camera attached to it. Sound like the device for you? I'm in. Let's do it.

[via YouTube]