Awesome HipstaCase from Hipstamatic for iPhone

Shane McGlaun - Apr 29, 2011
Awesome HipstaCase from Hipstamatic for iPhone

I know that many people out there take photos on their iPhone, and I know a few people that shoot photos on the camera more than they do anything else. The bulk of those photos end up on Facebook. I think everyone that has an iPhone needs to have it in a case to keep it from breaking if they drop it. The case will also prevent your skin from killing the signal strength too. This case called the HipstaCase makes your iPhone look like on old school camera.

The case has a mounting bracket that adds a universal tripod adapter. The tripod you see in this photo isn’t included with the case. The tripod appears to be one from Joby in the photo. The round a part that looks like a lens is always on the case and the attachment for the tripod mount goes under that from what I can tell.

The case also has a wrist strap to help keep you from dropping the iPhone and that strap can help you stabilize the camera for photos. The case sells for $39.95 and will be offered to fit the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch. It will ship on May 5, and it leaves all the controls and sensors uncovered for access.

[via Mashable]

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