iPhone 5 AT&T Release Date Tipped by Update Schedule

If there's one thing every single technology and mobile computing blog on the internet has an abundance of right now, it's iPhone 5 rumors. We're certainly not absent from that club as one of the biggest mobile devices of all time is news to just about everybody. Today's little addition to the bucket is a possible release date for the iPhone 5 (or some other sort of upgraded version of an iPhone) through an AT&T alert available to anyone who just so happens to log into their AT&T account and has an iPhone that trips the wire.

Earlier today we saw news of an October 4th announcement date popping up as a possibility, while the most recent rumor (also today, they're stacking up quick,) said that there'd be "iPhones" aka more than one model, perhaps, coming out next month. Because of these leaks, we're thinking the next one may have a bit of a tie in. This is a screengrab reportedly caught by GottaBeMobile reader Mat Barry which points toward the 13th of October as a release date for the next iPhone.

It does this pointing with words that tell Barry that he's soon to be eligible for an reduced discount iPhone upgrade on the 13th of October, 2011 or a full discount iPhone on the 17th of November, 2012. Is this a typo? Or is it just a whole year before this fellow can get in on some full discount action? As it noted in the same source article, there was a 17 day gap between the announcement of the iPhone 4 and its launch, while the gap between the two for the iPhone 3GS was 11 days. Is 9 days the amount of time we wait for the iPhone 5 to hit the store?

Also note that early upgrades to the next generation of iPhone has happened in the past when a brand new model has been released, so this bit is realistic as well.

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[via GottaBeMobile]