Apple board member Al Gore says "iPhones" (plural) coming next month

During a speech on Wednesday, former US Vice President and current Apple board member Al Gore confirmed that new iPhones are coming next month. Now that's not all that surprising since reports for an October launch have been abundant with the latest pegging it to be on the 4th. But what's interesting about his remark is the use of "iPhones" in the plural form, suggesting that Apple may indeed be releasing two new models: iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S.

There have been plenty of rumors, including conjectures from analysts and image leaks of components and prototypes that claim Apple will be releasing both a next-gen iPhone 5 that's a completely radical new design alongside a new version resembling the current iPhone 4 that will be a lower-priced model dubbed the iPhone 4S.

It's unclear exactly how much Gore knows about Apple's upcoming product plans, but being a board member, it seems like he would be more in-the-know especially as launch time approaches. But then again, his use of the plural form could simply be referring to the different models of the iPhone 5, such as the 16GB and the 32GB versions or to the different models for each carrier, as the device is now rumored to land on the Now Network in addition to AT&T and Verizon.

[via TheNextWeb]