iPhone 5 Appears On RadioShack Inventory Screen For Several Carriers

It appears that not one but several new iPhone 5 units will be coming out if a brand new RadioShack inventory list is to be believed. It seems that everyone but T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone 5, each of them for $50 USD. Each of these models appear to have a 32GB version and a 16GB version and will either be completely free or half a Benjamin. Of course these details will be changed before the actual release and/or won't be accurate at all – screenshots of screens aren't always to be trusted.

There's a whole lot of iPhone rumors flying around, one of the more interesting bits being the iPhone 5 glass and metal mockup from last week. We've seen the iPhone 5 N94 listing in Apple's inventory and there's a survey out there showing a gigantic margin of Apple fans planning on owning the iPhone 5 in the future. If you want every single bit of iPhone 5 info we've got thus far, head to the [iPhone 5 portal] or straight to our iPhone 5 Details Roundup [Mid-Sept 2011, pre-release].

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[via Engadget]