iPhone 2020 3D feature tip bad news for iPhone 11 buyers in 2019

Chris Burns - Jul 29, 2019, 1:55pm CDT
iPhone 2020 3D feature tip bad news for iPhone 11 buyers in 2019

A bit of analysis from TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested this week that Apple’s 2020 collection of iPhone devices could use ToF sensors on their backs. But wait, you might be saying, isn’t Apple going to bring the rounded-corner circle of cameras to the iPhone in the year 2019? You’d be right about that amalgamation of cameras, more than likely, but the ToF (Time of Flight) sensor is apparently not going to be in the mix this year at all.

In a note distributed Monday, seen by CNBC, the 2020 iPhone will be pretty cool. The ToF sensor on the iPhone will be in play for two of the iPhone units available for sale in 2020, while the lower-priced option will likely do without.

When spoken of in technical papers, a “ToF sensor” is sometimes alternatively called a “3D sensor.” This sensor is most often placed alongside more standard cameras to create an array of image and data-capture modules the smartphone can use to employ futuristic features aplenty.

“We predict that three new 2H20 iPhone models will all be equipped with front Face ID, and two of the new models will provide rear ToF. We estimate that shipments of iPhone models equipped with front and rear VCSEL (front structure light and rear ToF) will be 45mn units in 2020,” wrote Kuo. The sensor will most likely “mainly improve the photo quality and offer AR applications” on the iPhone.

These 2020 iPhones will also likely be the first with 5G capabilities, according to Kuo. In a shock to absolutely no person in the entire world, the 2020 iPhone lineup was predicted to be a “bigger refresh” of the iPhones it’ll launch in 2019, according to CNBC.

So here’s how you can predict the future – and impress your friends! See what brands like Huawei and Google are doing with their smartphones most recently – or in the near future. Wait until the devices you find are launched with the newest tech, and think to yourself: Could a few simple changes to this tech make it seem really worthy of someone’s hard-earned dollar?

If the answer is yes, and you believe the tech could be made to seem AWESOME if it were included in an iPhone, chances are that tech will come to the iPhone in the next year or two. Once Apple has said tech stabilized, and once Apple has an app that’ll make said tech seem necessary for your future survival as a cool person – you can bet your bottom buck it’ll be in an iPhone – soon!

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