iPhone 11 Pro Max: Release date range for major price cuts with new 12

With the release dates of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro come the first major price cuts of the most extravagant iPhone yet revealed. That's the iPhone 11 Pro Max, a device that currently costs up to a (minimum) of $1449 for a 512GB iteration, off-contract. Until 5G SA is ready to roll in your area with sub-6 as well as mmWave, that iPhone 11 Pro Max is just about the most ideal "high end with features I can actually use" iPhone in the world – or it will be, when the time is right.

The most recent trustworthy insider tips (from sources who wish to remain anonymous) suggest that the iPhone 12 collection will be "6 week late" VS traditional expectations. This device collection would normally be expected to be released in September – as each new version's been released over the past several years. Now, with display production held up significantly thanks to COVID-19, we're expecting a release inside of October 2020.

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When the new iPhone collection is released, we're expecting "refurbished" discounts of devices up to $250. If we take a peek at a currently listed "Refurbished iPhone XS Max 512GB" on Apple right this minute (June 23, 2020), Unlocked, in Silver, we see a discount of $250. That's a device that'd normally be $1,349 USD, cut down to $1,099 USD.

If you buy a refurbished iPhone XS Max 64GB from Apple right now, you can find a device that's normally $999 available instead for approximately $799 USD. This is a relatively normal discount for a refurbished device – but pricing like this doesn't generally start until the last-generation device is replaced in the market by a new-generation device.

When the iPhone 11 Pro Max is replaced by the iPhone 12 Pro Max in either September (less likely) or October (more likely) of 2020, we're expecting that the price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be reduced by at least $100, if not more. These prices will not necessarily be available in the online Apple Store – not until the phones are available as refurbished units. You'll have the best luck finding the previous-generation devices available for lower prices in-store at Apple Store locations and at Best Buy across the United States.