iPhone 11 feature leaks release for 2019 and 2020

Chris Burns - May 24, 2019, 2:28pm CDT
iPhone 11 feature leaks release for 2019 and 2020

The future of the iPhone is in flux, with predictions of some features appearing while others fade away. According to a report published today, we won’t see 5G in an iPhone in 2019, but we WILL see said feature in 2020. That means another year of waiting – maybe. It might also be that 5G changes the game for every smartphone everywhere.

There’s a lot of rumors flying around this week, but we’ll be starting with a set from MacRumors and working our way backward. The iPhone collection of 2020 will apparently roll with 5G support and relatively major upgrades for the front and back of the phone. Up front: a fullscreen fingerprint sensor. On back: a newly-minted 3D sensing camera setup.

But wait, you might be saying, I’ve been following leaks really closely and was led to believe there was a 3D sensor on the backs of the 2019 iPhone lineup. That might also be – but from year-to-year we might well see a 3D sensor that can do a little to a 3D sensor that’s capable of a whole lot. How far it’ll go – I don’t yet know.

The frontside of the 2020 iPhone collection was tipped to have a full-screen Touch ID system. That means fingerprint login anywhere on the display panel with “acoustic fingerprint technology.” Like it’ll hear your thumb coming from a mile away, right?

There’s a potential 2020 iPhone SE 2 coming (obviously next year), but there’s some doubt as to the legitimacy of this rumor. It could be that Apple is simply considering this device and not yet committed to ordering parts in bulk. Apple, meanwhile, still seems committed to using ONLY OLED in its iPhones starting as early as 2020.

The more conservatively-priced iPhone XR for 2019 was said to have one extra GB of RAM – so 4GB instead of 3GB. Otherwise it’ll be extremely similar to its predecessor. Though no iPhones from this point forward will have 3D touch, apparently. That’s a feature that’s pretty much going away entirely in favor of Haptic Touch – so it’s said.

Much like last year, production is very likely ramping up in July and August, and we’ll probably see an event at Apple headquarters in September of 2019. This will mean either a late September or early October release date for the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI, whatever you’d like to call it at this early stage).

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