iPad takes on Philips LivingColors for mood lighting crown [Video]

Chalk up another success to the iPad: while pundits are busy asking whether the Apple tablet is a "netbook killer", it's quietly taking on Philips' LivingColors LED lamps instead.  Dofl Yun had to choose between the LEDs or an iPad, and plumped for the latter, whipping up a custom lighting system that's apparently as alluring as catnip to his feline friend.Video demo after the cut

As the video below shows, the iPad is basically using its ever-so-bright IPS display to cycle through various colors.  There's no nifty remote control like Philips give you, though we suppose a more complex app could allow you to use an iPod touch or iPhone to tweak the colors.

To be fair, a $499+ iPad is a little more expensive than the $257 Philips lamp, though the latter's App Store has a lot fewer titles to choose from (read: none).  If you still can't decide, check out our iPad review and our LivingColors lamp review, though we'll admit that we didn't think to do a direct comparison.

[Thanks Andy!]