iPad printing "will come" says Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has apparently been working on clearing his inbox again, with the latest missive from the Apple CEO being in response to a user query regarding the absence of printing from the iPad.  According to a Mac Rumors reader, Jobs replied to the question with the typicaly-terse "It will come," lending weight to previous rumors that enterprise-friendly functionality was in development for the Apple tablet.

Currently document management on the iPad is severely constrained in comparison to a regular Mac.  While Apple offer an Office-style suite – consisting of Pages, Numbers and Keynote for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations respectively – for the tablet, users need to transfer their documents via email or iTunes to a computer in order to print hard copies.

Rumors from back in January, shortly after the iPad's debut, suggested that Apple were working on printing functionality together with the ability to access network drives.  Currently only third-party apps allow for network drives to be used.