iPad Mini Rentals Offered To Fliers For The First Time In The US By Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has announced that it will offer iPad Mini rentals to fliers in the United States, making it the first domestic airline to do so. The tablet will be offered on all of the carrier's Boeing 767-300 aircraft, with the current portable entertainment systems on all of its 767s being replaced by the Apple hardware.

The iPad Mini's are being offered to fliers for a fee of $15, something achieved via a contract with Bluebox Avionics, provider of In-flight Entertainment solutions. With this contract, Hawaiian Airlines will nab 1500 of the tablets for use on 14 of its Boeing 767 for a total of 14 routes between Hawaii and the mainland US, as well as South Pacific and Asia regions.

With the tablets, fliers will gain access to in excess of 100 hours of new Hollywood movies, as well as TV shows and games, none of which were specified. The rental fee won't apply to those flying Business Class, and the $15 rental fee for Economy Class only applies if they're reserved before take off. After boarding, the price goes up to $17.

Said Hawaiian Airlines Vice President of Product Development Blaine Miyasato: "Hawaiian Airlines' signature on-board hospitality is already very popular with travelers, but we wanted to go even further to ensure our customers' travel experience is more enjoyable. With the help of Bluebox Avionics, we're building on our acclaimed inflight service by incorporating the latest in popular consumer tech products to enhance our in-flight entertainment options."

VIA: Business Insider

SOURCE: Hawaiian Airlines