iPad mini Apple event: we're here!

It's time for the main event here in California down at Apple's main event that's sure to bring on a variety of new hardware bits and software updates, including the rumored iPad mini first and foremost. This update to the iPad line will quite likely tie in with either digital media sales or Education with the new handheld smaller-sized iPad coming in with a lower cost than its larger compatriot. This event may well play host to a set of other hardware refreshes as well.

With a 10AM PST start time we'll be off and running with all the news you can possibly handle right here in the SlashGear main news feed and in our fabulous Apple portal. There you'll see the iPad mini along with refreshes – rumored, mind you – of the Mac mini, iMac (probably not), Retina MacBook Pro (that being a 13-inch iteration), and more! Software will include a slightly updated iOS 6.1, updates to iBooks and other odd Apple-made apps, and a push for more.

Have a peek at a couple panorama shots we've got here from inside the theater that the Apple event is taking place in right this minute as well. You'll see no lack of iPhone 5 units and Apple-made products of all sorts in hands and popping out of backpacks. Expect the stage to bring on a whole new wave of updates – check the timeline below for a few last-minute possibilities and stay tuned all day long!