iPad 5 specifications leaks produce HD mock-up

With the iPad 3 – aka the Retina display-toting iteration being taken-over in silence by the iPad 4, what with its first implementation of the Lightning port, the 5th generation appears to be aiming for a whole new form factor. What we're seeing this afternoon is a series of mock-ups of this new device based on previous specification sheets leaked several weeks ago. In short – this device is not just short, but thin and a bit smaller around the edges, too.

Here you'll find the iPad 5th generation mock-up (we can't be clear enough at this point that this isn't the real deal, it's just an artist rendering) to take on a form not unlike the iPad mini. Its edges are rounder than its predecessor, its body is significantly smaller in both height and width, and it seems to be a bit thinner, as well.

For whatever reason the creator of this model didn't see fit to compare it to the 4th generation iPad, instead sticking with the last model to use the original 30-pin dock, but no matter: it's effectively the same. Here you'll also see that this 5th generation iPad works with a screen size the same as its predecessor, and while no data thus far has suggested a change in screen resolution, based solely on the panel included on the Nexus 7 reboot this week, a boost may be ready to hit.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see what we've seen of this next-generation machine over the past few weeks. It's likely to launch later this year – probably before the end of summer, but you never know! This series of images comes from notorious device rendering artist Martin Hajek, delivered through C Technology.