iPad 3 and Facebook crop up in iOS 5.1 beta 3

Evidence of Apple's next-gen iPad has been spotted again in iOS 5.1, with beta 3 mentioning two new "J" third-gen models along with hints of potential future Facebook integration. The J1AP and J2AP variants are believed to be the WiFi-only and WiFi + 3G iterations of the iPad 2, iMore reports, the two codenames resurfacing again after having been spotted with "Retina Display" indications back in November.

The high-res displays have been a frequent rumor around the next-gen iPad, with Apple tipped to be shifting to a 2048 x 1536 panel for smoother graphics and text. Just last week, sources suggested Apple was preparing a tablet with a high-resolution panel, quadcore processor and 4G LTE connectivity for high-speed internet access on the move.

As for Facebook, the tidbits indicate the social network could be pulled into the contacts, just as iOS 5 currently does with Twitter. However it's unclear if these references are leftover code from earlier plans to integrate the social network or signs of renewed interest in bringing Facebook into the iOS fold. Apple was previously said to be working on Facebook integration, but disagreements between the two firms pushed the Cupertino company over to Twitter instead.

According to other rumors, Apple is already hard at work ramping up iPad 3 production, though it's unclear whether it will be actually called "iPad 3" or have some other name.

[via The Verge]