iPad 2 StealthArmor Orange and Tungsten Unboxing and Hands-On

We've received our very own duo of iPad 2 armors from Fusion of Ideas – that's right, it's time again for SteathArmor! What we've got here is one skin set from their Colors series with Orange, and one skin set from their Metal series with Tungsten. Both are quite epic, precision cut to fit the iPad 2, and if I may so myself, colored to an absolutely perfect couple of shades of their respective color names. Take a peek here at what these armors, wraps, skins, whatever you'd like to call them as they arrive at our doorstep and yours truly unpacks them.

This is the first time I've personally opened a package from StealthArmor, our entire past going to people like Vince. We've had a look at the original iPad StealthArmor but as you know, iPad 2 is a whole different bag. Lots more cuts are needed, a much more delicate touch required to apply! And here inside each bag comes not just a back, but a thin clear protective front with cuts for the home button and camera as well – plus a cleaning kit!

[vms 9cc7214fa21c4840dff0]

Once we've got this all unpacked and prepared, we'll be grabbing our hair dryer just incase we need it to apply the skin around some corners, then it's straight along our way! Stay tuned for an application of the Orange skin (both apply the same way) unto your humble narrator's brand new iPad 2 – can you even contain yourself with the excitement you're feeling waiting to see me mess it up?! No worries, you're talking to a craftsman.