iOS 9 will temporarily delete apps for OS updates if needed

As we found out earlier this month, iOS 9 will support older devices like the iPhone 4s. Some users planning to update will no doubt be doing so with limited available storage, which typically necessitates deleting data and uninstalling apps until the required space is available. Not hard, but usually a waste of time and hassle. With iOS 9 that changes — developers have spotted a new feature in iOS 9 that temporarily deletes apps to free up space, then automatically reinstalls them after the OS update is finished.

As we've previously detailed, the amount of available space that is needed for updating to iOS 9 is considerably smaller than in the past at only 1.3GB. Still, if you don't have enough free space when the updates roll around, updating won't require you to first delete a bunch of apps and then later reinstall them yourself.

Those who have playing with iOS 9 recently took to installing the OS's second beta, and that's when news of the new feature began to pop up. As you can see above, users are prompted to either cancel the update or authorize the temporary deletion feature.

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SOURCE: MacRumors