iOS 9.3.1 update arrives with web link crashing bug fix

Apple has pushed out iOS 9.3.1, and with the update comes a fix for the web link crashing bug that would leave some apps unresponsive. In certain cases, apps could become unresponsive and/or crash after the user tapped a link within some other app, including Safari. This makes for a small overall update, but one that fixes a particularly frustrating issue some users have been dealing with.

This is the first update since iOS 9.3 went live earlier this month, and is relatively small at about 35MB. In the week or so since iOS 9.3 launched, some users found a pretty terrible bug that caused crashes when a Web link is opened. As we've previously detailed, the problem seemed to primarily affect iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users.

While some users had posted "workarounds," there were few reports of them actually working for most affected users; Apple didn't have any official workaround. Speculation had it that 3D Touch was involved in the bug, while others pointed toward Universal Links and more, but the exact cause remains unclear.

Given the nature of the bug, users should be sure to update their devices — iOS 9.3.1 is available over the air and through iTunes. Not familiar with iOS 9.3? The update went live for everyone on March 21, the day of Apple's most recent event. You can find all the details on that version of iOS here, and more Apple news and reviews in general in the SlashGear Apple Hub!