iOS 6 upgrades iTunes Match for streaming music

If you were a fan of Apple's iTunes Match cloud-based music service before, once iOS 6 launches you're really going to be in love. This is because while the service has always been implied as a streaming content service, while you played any song in your library in the cloud it was also downloaded to your device. With it's upgrade to a new version in iOS 6, Apple's iPhone and iPad-friendly music service will be able to truly stream music – not taking the opportunity to download the music to your device as it does so.

This information was noted today over at Apple 'N' Apps where they've got a Beta build of iOS 6 running with the newest version of iTunes Match. As it appears there today, iTunes Match is now able to stream without downloading to your iPhone (and/or iPad) as it always has been able to do on your Mac. This new situation is very likely the result of a new licensing deal Apple has struck with its music business partners – the difference between mobile streaming and wi-fi streaming is a real thing, as evidenced in other apps – such as Spotify – as well.

Have a peek above as iTunes Match works with the iPhone's Music application to stream a bit of Paradise before your eyes – no download necessary! Then head to the timeline below to see more lovely bits of iOS 6 as it exists here in its Beta run as well as a selection of features that will be live upon the mobile operating system's full drop! We'll see an iPhone 5 yet, folks – someday soon!