iOS 6 Do Not Disturb bug getting fixed on January 7

Eric Abent - Jan 2, 2013
iOS 6 Do Not Disturb bug getting fixed on January 7

Yesterday, we heard about a particularly annoying iOS bug that came along with the new year. As it turns out, the Do Not Disturb feature found in iOS 6 wasn’t automatically turning itself off, so users were missing calls when they shouldn’t have been. It isn’t the worst problem in the world, but it was enough to get iOS 6 users to complain about it.

Today, Apple has told everyone that a fix is incoming, and that it’ll be here on January 7. Apple’s support page doesn’t say exactly why January 7 is the date the feature will be fixed, but regardless, it looks like users will have another five days to wait before Do Not Disturb is functioning properly. In the meantime, we’re told to simply turn Do Not Disturb on and off manually.

That shouldn’t be much of a problem considering toggling Do Not Disturb is a pretty easy thing to do, but the issue here is remembering to do so. It’s easy to ignore your phone when you aren’t getting any calls, messages, or alerts, so we imagine quite a few users will forget to switch off Do Not Disturb while we’re waiting for the feature to fix itself.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about iOS features going haywire when the switch to a new year occurs. It seems that every new year, iOS suffers some kind of problem, but in the grand scheme of things, it could be a whole lot worse than Do Not Disturb failing to turn itself off at the scheduled time. Did this little bug cause some headaches for you on New Year’s Day, or don’t you typically use the Do Not Disturb feature?

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