iOS 6.1.1 gets Vodafone all-clear for iPhone 4S problem

The iOS 6.1.1 update Apple released yesterday has fixed the iPhone 4S connection problem users of some European carriers were reporting, with Vodafone giving subscribers the green-light to upgrade if they hadn't already. "Please download the latest version from Apple as soon as you can" Vodafone said in an advice statement to customers today, ZDNet reports, "as this will deal with these issues." Vodafone UK users, among others, had complained that since updating to iOS 6.1 late last month, they'd experienced problems with calls, texts, and internet access.

3 Austria users with the iPhone 4S also encountered similar problems, and the carrier said that it and Apple were working on a fix for imminent release. That update came sooner rather than later, in fact, with Apple pushing it out OTA to iPhones yesterday.

"Apple has released a new version of its iPhone software that fixes the 3G performance issues that have been affecting users of the iPhone 4S who had installed iOS 6.1" Vodafone said today. There are no other known features to the new version.

Where Apple is with addressing some of the companion concerns of enterprise system managers, who have complained that iOS 6.1 devices have been creating vast database logs, is unclear. That problem, believed to be connected with how Exchange calendar invitations are handled, has seen some devices spawning 50GB+ log files and forcing admins to block them from the system.