iOS 13.1 released now with bug fixes and iPadOS

Today Apple released iOS 13.1 and iPadOS. These updates will bring a few new features to the iPhones on which they're available, and will bring a new user experience to the iPad. This update was originally scheduled to be released on September 30, 2019, then was changed to Tuesday, September 24, also known as today. This update should be release for your device right this minute.

This newest version of iOS enables several new elements in the newest round of iPhone devices in stores now. With iPhone 11's new U1 chip, users will be allowed compatibility with Ultra-Wideband communication protocol. This feature will allow users to "point" their iPhone at another iPhone and see said iPhone appear first on their local sharing list for AirDrop.

It would appear that users who completely wiped their device clean before installing iOS 13 did not experience bugs. Bugs did, on the other hand, appear on a number of devices that did not do said "clean" install of this new software. It is not publicly known what caused the issues at hand – but all should be fixed in this update released just today.

If you've not already gotten a notification about the release of iOS 13.1, you should head to your device's Settings menu. Hit Settings, General, Software Update, and you'll probably see the update available right now. If you do not, you'll probably only need to wait a short bit (within the day) before said update becomes available.

This update also makes Apple Arcade available for the iPad. This is a big deal for Apple as they're now sorta in a competition with Google Play Pass for subscription-based mobile gaming supremacy. That is, if you believe that any Android user would switch to iOS just for Apple Arcade, or vice-versa. Have a peek at the timeline below to see more on iOS 13 and the many changes it brings.