iOS 12.0.1 fixes iPhone XS charging and WiFi glitches

Chris Davies - Oct 8, 2018, 2:20pm CDT
iOS 12.0.1 fixes iPhone XS charging and WiFi glitches

Apple has released iOS 12.0.1, fixing a charging bug affecting the latest iPhone XS, as well as a number of other glitches frustrating some owners. The update comes after sporadic complaints about how iOS devices running iOS 12 handled charging, with some users finding that their iPhones or iPads wouldn’t recharge if the screen was off.

Although not something observed by every user – and indeed the glitch appeared to only be impacting a minority of devices – it could still be frustrating. According to reports from Apple’s support forums, affected phones and tablets would not begin charging when a Lighting cable was plugged in, or when the device was placed on a Qi wireless charging pad (if supported). Instead, they’d only do so if the screen was active when the charging was initiated.

iOS 12.0.1, released today, promises to address that. The update “fixes an issue where some iPhone XS devices did not immediately charge when connected to a Lightning cable,” according to the release notes.

The new software also tackles a WiFi annoyance that some users had been reporting. Their iPhone XS would attempt to rejoin a previously-connected WiFi network at 2.4 GHz, even if it had been using 5 GHz beforehand. Since 5 GHz networks offer faster data speeds than 2.4 GHz, that could have a noticeable impact on usability.

The other changes in iOS 12.0.1 address more minor issues. For example, the iPad keyboard will now show the “.?123” key in its original place; some apps which were having problems showing subtitles should also now be fixed. Finally, the update fixes an issue where Bluetooth can become unavailable.

Your iPhone or iPad should automatically offer the new update, but you can also trigger it manually by heading into Settings, choosing General, and then Software Update. It’s a roughly 157 MB download, so you might want to be on WiFi when you do that.

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