iOS 10 release begins today (for developers)

After introducing iOS 10 to the world this morning at WWDC 2016, Apple let it be known that the operating system would be delivered to developers this afternoon. Once this Developer Preview is launched, later this year there'll be a Public Beta. That's the release you, the reader, will most likely want to be getting in on. Unless you don't like it when software has a big likelihood of not working precisely how you expect it to work. Hence the Beta.

The developer preview begins today, and if you are a developer, you'll likely be given access as early as this afternoon. This July, users of all sorts will be able to access the public beta of this build through – and REMEMBER: that's the Beta. Not the final release. Don't go in expecting it to work perfectly, without a hitch.

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Everyone else – people who don't like to mess with early software – you'll be seeing iOS 10 released this fall. Apple hasn't been specific as to the date for the first public release of iOS 10, but once it's out, we'll certainly be sending out another article with instructions aplenty, if you do happen to need them.

This update to iOS 10 is what Apple, of course, calls the "biggest iOS release ever for our users." That's you.

To make this update extra special, they've opened up Siri to developers. This means more apps will be released with updates that have Siri integration – natural language interaction, and the like.

Apple also opened up Messages to developers, allowing them to use the app as a platform for future odds and ends. This includes stickers, image inserts, animated emojis, and weird things you've never even heard of before.

For more information on iOS 10, head to our newly minted iOS 10 tag portal, just created this week. There you'll find articles on the ins and outs of the system – particularly on points that have to do with you, the end user.