iOS 10.3 tipped to debut in January with ‘Theater mode’

Adam Westlake - Dec 31, 2016, 2:00 pm CDT
iOS 10.3 tipped to debut in January with ‘Theater mode’

Apple‘s iPhone was treated to the release of iOS 10.2 just a few weeks ago, including things like the new TV app and many new emoji. Beyond minor 10.2.x updates, we have no idea what Apple could be working on for iOS 10.3, but thanks to proficient leaker and tipster Sonny Dickson, we now have an idea about when to expect it, as well as a hint of a new feature.

In a pair of tweets on Friday, Dickson wrote that the first developer beta for iOS 10.3 will be released on January 10th, as well as include the debut of something called “Theater mode.” There’s no other solid details mentioned, besides that Theater mode will be accessed via a new “popcorn-shaped” icon in Control Center.

Previous rumors have mentioned that iOS 10.3 will primarily focus on improvements for the iPad, but this is the time we’ve heard about a Theater mode. It’s really anyone’s guess what this new feature does or how it works, including whether it could be a type of “dark mode” for mobile devices.

Going by the popcorn icon tidbit, it could be a setting for use in a movie theater or other similar location, automatically turning off things like sounds, notifications for calls and messages, haptic feedback, and the screen lighting up. Who knows how that would be an improvement over the existing “silent” mode switch, however.

The good news is that we won’t have long to wait to see if this rumor pans out. January 10th is just over a week away, so we’ll quickly find out if iOS developers get access to a new beta.

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