Inventec N18 Android MID supposedly just $350 [Video]

Chris Davies - Dec 1, 2009, 4:05am CST
Inventec N18 Android MID supposedly just $350 [Video]

Rumor may have it that Inventec have slashed R&D for MIDs, but that doesn’t appear to have prevented development of this clamshell Android device.  The Inventec N18 (on the left) is a 250g mini-notebook running Google’s Android OS, with a 528MHz processor (the same as inside the HTC Hero, we’re told), a 4.8-inch WVGA touchscreen and WiFi.

Video demo after the cut

Inventec are seemingly pairing the N18 with a Chinese/English dictionary, called Dr.eye, and the MID can speak different sentences and words.  The Inventec N18 is said to be available for preorder now, priced at the equivalent of $350, and is expected to begin shipping in January 2010.  We’re still trying to find a place where you can actually order it, however.

As for the grey MID in the photo above, that’s the Inventec N23C which is basically identical to the N18 aside from it has a SIM slot, integrated 3G EDGE modem and voice-call support.  A 3G version will be available in Q3 2010, apparently.

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