Intel Web TV service confirmed by VP for 2013

A new group inside Intel has been revealed this week as Intel Media, heading off a set of negotiations with masters of content for an end-game that includes Intel Web TV. With a full Web TV service, Intel will join the ranks with Hulu and Netflix, though it's unique offering is said this week to be including both live television broadcasts and collections of previously aired TV shows and movies. Netflix and Hulu at the moment offer only previously-aired programs (with some pointed exceptions like Netflix' own limited series House of Cards).Intel's Erik Huggers spoke up at the D: Dive Into Media conference this Tuesday. As the Corporate Vice President of the new sector, Huggers was able to confirm the news that's been "tipped" for quite a few weeks on end. Interestingly enough, Huggers assured the public that this new sector was made up of hires from Apple, Netflix, and Google. Quite the triple-snipe, that is.

It was also revealed that Intel would be bringing on a set-top box to compete with the already ripe market. This box and its abilities will be the embodiment of what Huggers said would be Intel's new mandate: "Build the best Internet television service ever." Sounds like a mighty big hill to climb – but with their claim to also be "working with the entire industry" to get it all done, we'll likely see a service and a device by the end of this year.

This is also the timeline delivered by Huggers this week – inside this year, 2013. That's the expectation, at least, while services are being confirmed between here and there. It's been promised by Huggers that this system will work with a collection of apps as well as on-demand content and live TV. Nothing like another operating system to get into for developers – but perhaps this is a come-as-you-are type situation. We can only dream!