Intel UrbanMax Tablet PC Concept: Video Demo

Far more interesting than their mysterious slate, Intel have been showing off their UrbanMax concept Tablet PC.  Resembling both an HP tc1100 and an HTC Shift, the concept has a sliding/folding display and full keyboard, with an optical mouse controller embedded into the spacebar.  UrbanMax's 11-inch display uses N-trig's DuoSense digitizer, capable of multiple input methods: a batteryless pen and zero pressure capacitive touch, together with multitouch control.

Check out the demo video of the UrbanMax after the cut

Although this prototype of the concept was running an Core 2 Duo processor, Intel would leave actual specs up to whichever OEM/ODM picked up the design.  That also leaves some flexibility in terms of the digitizer, meaning that lower-cost versions might have a basic resistive touchscreen rather than N-trig's more advanced system.

No word on any interest from manufacturers, but there are a lot of people out there – myself included – who still think very fondly of the HP tc1100 and are beginning to wonder if the UrbanMax could be a spiritual successor.  GottaBeMobile shot the following video at IDF of the UrbanMax concept in action: