Intel Sandy Bridge chips packing PCI Express 3.0, super-frugal battery life possible?

We're hearing increasing amounts about Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge platform, the 32nm chip architecture expected to begin production in Q4 2010, and now a few new tidbits have us even more excited.  According to Hardmac's sources, Sandy Bridge will not only include native USB 3.0 support but PCI Express 3.0, for faster intercommunication with GPUs and other components; meanwhile we should apparently expect some healthy battery life improvements.

In fact, according to the foundry Intel are working with, a Sandy Life based notebook should be able to watch two Blu-ray films back-to-back on a single charge.  That's impressive battery life, considering we're not talking about a frugal Atom-style chipset.  Of course, we're also duly sceptical, but Intel have plenty of time before the general 2011 availability tipped for the new chip architecture.