Intel 32nm Sandy Bridge chips tipped for Q4 2010

Ewdison Then - Aug 12, 2009

Intel are tipped to have scheduled their shift to 32nm “Sandy Bridge” chip architecture by Q4 2010, according to the latest loose-talk at PC manufacturers.  The technology will replace Nehalem and Westmere, the latter expected to shift to 32nm processes in Q4 this year.  Westmere will add six-core processors to the company’s line, and go on sale alongside 45nm quad-core Nehalem chips.

Meanwhile Intel’s desktop chip Clarkdale and notebook chip Arrandale are on track for a launch in Q1 2010, and will be followed by six-core Gulftown CPUs in Q2 2010.  Unsurprisingly, Intel themselves declined to comment on the speculation.

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