Intel Q4 income up 875%; AMD settlement small notch out of billions

In an announcement pretty much guaranteed to frustrate AMD and anyone else involved in recent anti-trust settlements, Intel has announced a whopping fourth-quarter net income increase of 875-percent.  Income for the most recent three month period was $2.3bn, with revenues of $10.6bn (a 28-percent increase on the same period twelve months ago) and a gross margin of 65-percent (up 12-percent from last year).

That results in operating income of $2.5bn and that headline grabbing net income figure, which Intel reckon is a result of their "investment in industry-leading manufacturing and product innovation".  As for that pesky settlement with AMD, if they hadn't had to hand over a check for $1.25bn back in December 2009 the company reckons they would've had operating income of $3.7bn and net income of $3.1bn.