Intel cough up $1.25bn to AMD

Chris Davies - Dec 11, 2009

The margaritas are on AMD this weekend, as the company has just confirmed that their check from Intel has cleared.  The news came as part of an SEC amendment AMD filed, in which they reveal that Intel’s $1.25bn payout – which was agreed upon last month, as part of a deal in which all ongoing litigation between the two companies (including antitrust in which Intel was accused of unfairly tipping the market against AMD) would be dropped – came through on December 10th.

There’s also a new, five-year cross license agreement between the two companies, and a somewhat flaky concurrence “to abide by a set of business practice provisions” that we’re, as yet, unclear on.  Intel were accused of manipulating the market through their use of discounts and preferential pricing, in an attempt to persuade customers not to adopt new AMD processors.  The company was earlier fined €1.06bn by the European Commission.

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