Intel overclock-friendly Core i5-655K & i7-875K CPUs tipped

We'd already heard rumors from Intel themselves that they were considering some cheaper, overclock-friendly processors for release in the not too distant future, and now those leaky Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers have spilt a few more beans.  They reckon two such CPUs are in the works, a 32nm dual-core Core i5-655K which should arrive in early June, and a 45nm quad-core Core i7-875K which will follow on in late July.

The tinkertastic chips would line up against AMD's dual- and quad-core Black Label processors, which are known for being particularly amenable to overclocking.  So far only Intel's "Extreme" chips have made the process anything less than difficult, and they tend to command top-end prices.  Incidentally, the Core i7-980X Extreme – which we benchmarked with impressive results in the iBuyPower Paladin S earlier in the week – is apparently in short supply, with Intel increasing channel pricing for the processor to NT$37,000 ($1,160) from its original NT$35,000 ($1,100) launch price.