Intel overclock-friendly CPUs in near future?

In the ongoing processor battle between AMD and Intel, some users pick their chips based on how easy to overclock they are.  In recent years AMD have arguably held that crown, with only Intel's Extreme Edition CPUs being particularly overclock-friendly (at least officially), but according to Intel chipset marketing chief Steve Peterson that could change soon.  He's said that Intel are "considering new affordable models to introduce overclocking," likely a new Clarkdale or Lynnfield processor range.

Peterson wouldn't give details as to which chips Intel have in mind, nor what sort of timescale their release may follow, but according to Dutch site Tweakers it's in the reasonably short term.  The Tech Report speculates that it would be in Intel's best interest to cherry-pick models across their Core i3, i5 and i7 line-up so as to better match AMD's dual-core and quad-core Black Label offerings.

[via The Tech Report]