Intel freeze CULV refresh over Calpella success?

Another rumored blow to Intel's CULV range of ultra-low-voltage processors for ultra-thins, as DigiTimes' sources at notebook manufacturers claim the silicon company have delayed the launch of a new CULV line-up.  The decision – which would push the new ultra-thin CPUs back into Q3 2010 – is blamed in part on Acer's decision to eschew the CULV chips in favor of low-voltage Calpalla-series processors for their newest TimelineX notebooks.

Acer executives have previously expressed their disappointment with the "inferior power" of Intel's CULV processors, pointing to underwhelming performance as a reason why sales slipped 5-percent.  Instead, the TimelineX range uses Core i3-330M and i3-350M (2.12GHz or 2.26GHz), Core i5-430M, i5-520M and i5-540M (2.26GHz, 2.40GHz or 2.53GHz) and Core i7-620M (2.66GHz) chips, though Acer promises the same battery longevity.

Intel, for their part, say they won't comment on unannounced products, but market watchers reckon the Q3 2010 CULV refresh will be very much dependent on whether the rest of the notebook industry follows Acer's lead or not.  Calpella chips are reportedly in short supply at present.