Acer ebook reader plans shelved over segment uncertainty

Acer have apparently shelved their ebook reader plans, with company chairman Wang Jeng-tang telling reporters that the ereader market was not yet big enough and that a proven business model had still not been finalized by the industry as a whole.  Earlier this year, Acer had announced plans to release a 6-inch ereader – based on an E Ink e-paper panel – by the end of June 2010.

According to Wang Jeng-tang, Acer's hardware is ready to go but the company is watching consumers to see whether they embrace the platform.  Only if they deem the segment has the potential to be profitable will Acer release any device.

Wang also saved some critique for Intel's CULV processor platform, blaming their "inferior power" as contributing to a 5-percent decrease in notebook shipments this quarter.

[via E-Reader-Info]