Intel CULV platform rumored; ultra-low voltage products launching 2009

AMD may be rolling out all manner of cost-saving strategies today, but they may have to find a few more million out of the collective budget if Intel have their way.  According to a Digitimes report, Intel are planning a new consumer ultra-low voltage (CULV) platform, intended for ultraportable notebooks including some of the larger netbook-style designs we've heard rumor of lately, to take on AMD's Yukon platform.

The CULV platform will be targeted at four different segments.  Firstly traditional notebooks with screen sizes 12.1-inches or larger, followed by ultraportable notebooks with displays ranging between 11.x- to 13.3-inches.  Thirdly, Atom or Pineview-based netbooks, and finally Menlow-based mobile internet devices (MIDs).  According to sources at notebook manufacturers, the top-three vendors (most likely HP, Dell and Acer) are already planning to use the new CULV chipsets in products for release this year, with target shipments of 10m.

What's not entirely clear, however, is the motivation behind these companies and their chipset choice.  Intel has reportedly put pressure on HP to base their rumored 13.3-inch Mini-note, believed to be coming in June 2009, on the CULV platform, rather than an Atom Zxx Menlow processor.  Intel declined to comment on the reports.