Intel confirms Motorola as smartphone launch partner

This week the Intel Corporation have named two launch partners for their Medfield mobile device chip, one of them being Motorola – this fact previously only a rumor. They've also reconfirmed that the Lenovo device we saw back at CES 2012, Racer A, will be part of their initial launch. Intel has been quite vocal on its intent to take on the already saturated market which includes such titans as Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Apple, with strong design roots in Austin, Texas.

With Lenovo's smartphone along with whatever we end up seeing in the end from Motorola, Intel may have a strange combination of relatively powerful devices on their hands. While both manufacturers have certainly made a name for themselves in the mobile market thus far, they're certainly not the favorites of developers of Android devices due to their general love for custom user interfaces. The Medfield chipset from Intel is expected to run Android or Windows Phone software, and we're expecting nothing but Android inside the first segment of their push.

In addition, it appears that the push will soon include wi-fi connectivity on chips such as the one announced by Intel this past week: Rosepoint. As Qualcomm has had a command over the full chip experience for some time and NVIDIA dips in the cake with its Icera purchase and eventual implementation. As each chip group grows more powerful and controls more of each individual device, you'll see much more powerful integration and much smaller footprints – all for the betterment of mobile!

[via Statesman]