Intel CEO details expected upcoming gadget bargains

Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich has dished a lot of information today, with the company's third-quarter financial call having taken place earlier alongside information about Broadwell chip delays and Bay Trail chip availability over the next handful of weeks. Along with both was also information given about expected tech-centric bargains that will surface this holiday shopping season.

The company's CEO is expecting to see a plethora of inexpensive devices becoming available this holiday shopping season, all of them harboring Intel hardware inside. We've seen these kind of gadgets crop up, such as the Dell Venue 7 and 8 tablets that we discussed at the beginning of the month. With the Dell tablets come Intel Atom processors and an undercutting price tag.

Other devices will be available as well, including $99 tablets, $350-ish hybrid devices, and $299 laptops running the company's Haswell processors. This is in addition to the 10 devices Krzanich discussed today that offer Bay Trail processors, all of which will be available by the end of next month. According to the CEO, these will be both laptops and tablets.

This falls in step with Intel's quarterly revenue numbers, with sales coming in at $13.48 billion this past quarter. Such represents a 5-percent increase from the second quarter, and is pretty close to the year-on-year number of $13.46 billion. Analyst estimates were a tad under the reported earnings, giving the company bragging points on multiple levels.

SOURCE: Venture Beat