Intel Atom Z670 three-times Tegra 2 pricing to OEMs?

Pricing for Intel's Atom Z670 processor has leaked, and it looks set to cost three times what NVIDIA is charging for its Tegra 2. According to Fudzilla, the 1.66GHz chip – which Intel expects to be used in tablets, such as Samsung's Sliding PC 7, and bring the fight to ARM – will be an eye-watering $75 to OEMs. In return, they'll get a 5W TDP chip with a single core, two threads and 512KB of cache.Previous leaks had suggested that Intel would be offering the Z670 at $25 to OEMs agreeing to use MeeGo as their OS, while anybody wishing to opt for Windows 7 or another platform would have to pay more. Now, it seems, Windows 7 support will be present from the off, while MeeGo v1.2 and Android 2.3 Gingerbread/3.0 Honeycomb support will follow on at a later date.

The average price of a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 based processor, meanwhile, such as the NVIDIA Tegra 2, is around $20. The Oak Trail Z670 will be the most power-frugal of Intel's Atom series.